I’m trying to create a irsa role/policy for Karpen...
# golang
I’m trying to create a irsa role/policy for Karpenter. I’m keep getting this error. Anybody what am I doing wrong? error: program failed: waiting for RPCs: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = setting args: copying input “policies”: expected destination type to implement pulumi.Input or pulumi.Output, got provider.EKSServiceAccountPolicies error: an unhandled error occurred: program exited with non-zero exit code: 1
Here is my code:
Looks like if I leave out: // ClusterId: cluster.EksCluster.Arn(), then it doesn’t complain anymore. Anybody know why? Don’t I have to specify clusterId?
This changes to this doesn’t help either: ClusterId: cluster.EksCluster.Arn().ToStringPtrOutput(),