Hi there. I faced with an issue related to kuberne...
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Hi there. I faced with an issue related to kubernetes provider. I have ManagedCluster configured and deployed to Azure. This cluster is used for Provider creation:
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var aksProvider = new K8s.Provider("k8s-provider-dev", new ProviderArgs
                KubeConfig = kubeConfig,
                Cluster = kubernetesCluster.Name,
which I use for creation of kubernetes dashboard:
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var kubeDashboard = new ConfigFile("my-kubernetes-dashboard", new ConfigFileArgs
                File = "<https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/dashboard/v2.5.0/aio/deploy/recommended.yaml>"
            new ComponentResourceOptions
                Provider = aksProvider,
                DependsOn = aksProvider!
It works fine when deployment of cluster happens for the first time but if I'm trying to change Virtual Machine size (which requires recreation of cluster) and deploy this update I get an error:
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error: resource complete event returned an error: failed to verify snapshot: resource urn:pulumi:dev::MyProject::kubernetes:yaml:ConfigFile$kubernetes:core/v1:Namespace::kubernetes-dashboard refers to unknown provider urn:pulumi:dev::MyProject::pulumi:providers:kubernetes::k8s-provider-dev::650f67b5-a3be-423f-81be-5e8453bf9c4f
    error: update failed
Is there any workaround how to fix this issue or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thank you!
Actually facing with the same issue, didn't manage find work around 😞