Is pulumi switching to multiple public alpha relea...
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Is pulumi switching to multiple public alpha releases a day or is this just a blip as you're changing your release pipeline? Looking at the Github release page, the first page is just alpha releases:, you have to go to the 2nd page to get an official release. This makes it harder to read through recent changes and makes using Github's hidden RSS feed for releases very noisy. I'd ask whether these should be marked as official releases instead of just being tagged. EDIT: No rush on answering this. It's late on a Friday and it is a holiday weekend in the US
We've always published alpha releases, though we haven't advertised them as GitHub Releases until recently - a blip as we change our release pipeline. Thanks for the note on the difficulty of finding the last release. GitHub has a custom URL that shows the latest "non-prerelease" release, though I don't see it surfaced anywhere: We'll clean up the alphas in the meantime.
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@orange-policeman-59119 I follow up on releases via notifications which I collect via I also noticed all the notifications for these alpha releases.