After deploying the ECS with an application load b...
# typescript
After deploying the ECS with an application load balancer,
the load balancer throws this error I think my
config is correct because I expose port 8080 in my Docerfile and I specify the
to be 8080 in the
field, e.g.
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const service = new awsx.ecs.FargateService("my-service", {
  cluster: cluster,
  taskDefinitionArgs: {
    container: {
      image: image,
      cpu: 512,
      memory: 128,
      essential: true,
      portMappings: [
          containerPort: 8080,
          hostPort: 8080,
But I noticed the application load balancer does not have any inbound rules in its security group, could this be the reason why I am getting the error?
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[2/09/22 6:42] ➜  pulumi-quickstart curl <>
curl: (28) Failed to connect to <|> port 80 after 75034 ms: Operation timed out
I will try add an inbound rule to the ALB’s security group to allow traffic from anywhere and test