I am trying to create nodegroup for EKS using `@pu...
# aws
I am trying to create nodegroup for EKS using
, even pulumi creating resources such as ec2 LaunchConfiguration and stuff. its not showing up on the cluster's node group
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new eks.NodeGroup(`${name}-ng-1`, {
            cluster: cluster,
            labels: { preemptible: 'true' },
            instanceType: "t2.medium",
            desiredCapacity: 2,
            minSize: 2,
            maxSize: 5,
            instanceProfile: instanceProfile,
            nodeSubnetIds: args.privateSubnetIds,
            nodeRootVolumeSize: 30,
            autoScalingGroupTags: this.cluster.core.cluster.name.apply(clusterName => ({
                "<http://k8s.io/cluster-autoscaler/enabled|k8s.io/cluster-autoscaler/enabled>": "true",
                [`<http://k8s.io/cluster-autoscaler/${clusterName}`|k8s.io/cluster-autoscaler/${clusterName}`>]: "true",
        }, { provider: opts?.provider, parent: cluster })
I dont know how to debug this issue
For some reason it doesn't show up as a node group in the console but you should see the nodes there in the compute tab. Also running
kubectl get nodes
you will see them
oh thats strange. thanks