Hi Is anyone else having issues with the cloudlfla...
# general
Hi Is anyone else having issues with the cloudlflare provider and
as a secret. If I provide the token via the command line (
AWS_PROFILE=my_profile CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN=rEdAcTeD pulumi refresh
) all is ok however if I set with
AWS_PROFILE=my_profile pulumi config set cloudflare:apiToken --secret
and do a refresh it gives API errors
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error: Preview failed: could not validate provider configuration: 1 error occurred:
    	* Invalid combination of arguments: "api_key": one of `api_key,api_token` must be specified
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# npm ls
my-stack@ /pulumi/projects
+-- @pulumi/aws@5.11.0
+-- @pulumi/awsx@0.40.0
+-- @pulumi/cloudflare@4.9.0
+-- @pulumi/pulumi@3.38.0
+-- @pulumi/random@4.8.2
+-- @pulumi/terraform@5.6.6
+-- @types/lodash@4.14.184
+-- @types/node@14.18.26
`-- lodash@4.17.21
I've tried with
and also