I have encountered a bug related to imports of the...
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I have encountered a bug related to imports of the directconnect.GatewayAssociation resource. When i use the _import option for an existing resource, it seems to work. During subsequent runs, Pulumi will recognize the resource as requiring “replace” and curiously this does not happen every run. Usually it occurs when something else changes in the stack. This also seems to either not occur or behave differently in different versions of pulumi-aws… which leads me to suspect a bug. This replacement does not do anything on the cloud side, it’s purely local as far i can tell. The same importing seems to work fine for other resources.
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associatedGatewayId: "vgw-x"
        dxGatewayId        : "x"
    +-aws:directconnect/gatewayAssociation:GatewayAssociation: (replace)
        allowedPrefixes                : [
            [0]: "x/24"
        associatedGatewayId            : "vgw-x"
        associatedGatewayOwnerAccountId: "x"
        associatedGatewayType          : "virtualPrivateGateway"
        dxGatewayAssociationId         : "x"
        dxGatewayId                    : "x"
        dxGatewayOwnerAccountId        : "x"
        id                             : "ga-x"
    --aws:directconnect/gatewayAssociation:GatewayAssociation: (delete-replaced)
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