Update: seems to be the same issue as this one: <h...
# azure
Update: seems to be the same issue as this one: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/1751 Hi pulumiers! Noob question coming your way... I'm creating an Azure File share - it's about as simple as I can get it, yet each time I run the code I end up with a series of changes being detected on the file share which causes the thing to be re-deployed - and presumably due to the way Azure takes "some time" to do this I get errors during the up (due to the share being deleted by Azure): here's the wonderful code to get a storage account + share
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Storage = new StorageAccount($"{InputArgs.DevOpsProjectShortName}store", new StorageAccountArgs()
    EnableHttpsTrafficOnly = true,
    EnableNfsV3 = false,
    Kind = "StorageV2",
    ResourceGroupName = Runtime.InfraResGroupName,
    Location = InputArgs.Location,
    Sku = new Pulumi.AzureNative.Storage.Inputs.SkuArgs()
        Name = "Standard_LRS"
    AllowBlobPublicAccess = false

StorageFileShare = new FileShare($"{InputArgs.DevOpsProjectName}share", new()
    AccountName = Storage.Name,
    ResourceGroupName = Runtime.InfraResGroupName,
    ShareName = "migration"
I am a little confused... I don't know why the pulumi system thinks that the file share is worth replacing... this is the partial output from a subsequent pulumi up (with refresh and diff): [provider=urnpulumicreditor-test:projectspulumiprovidersazure nativedefault 1 73 0:bb23b3b0-c386-4ed9-8f78-0f5c59555be7] - accessTier: "TransactionOptimized" - shareQuota: 5120 --outputs:-- - accessTier : "TransactionOptimized" - accessTierChangeTime: "2022-09-15T123340.0000000Z" - etag : "\"0x8DA971685991300\"" - lastModifiedTime : "2022-09-15T123341.0000000Z" - shareQuota : 5120 --outputs:-- Help appreciated and thank you!