Hi, I can't seem to run `pulumi import` completely...
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Hi, I can't seem to run
pulumi import
completely any more - it hangs after displaying the duration, even if i select 'no' to not import - does anyone else get this? v3.39.3
e.g. if I run
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% pulumi import  kubernetes:<http://apiextensions.k8s.io/v1:CustomResourceDefinition|apiextensions.k8s.io/v1:CustomResourceDefinition> <http://envoyfilters.networking.istio.io|envoyfilters.networking.istio.io> <http://envoyfilters.networking.istio.io|envoyfilters.networking.istio.io> --diff
Previewing import (oc-playground):
  pulumi:pulumi:Stack: (same)
    252 unchanged
Do you want to perform this import? no
confirmation declined, not proceeding with the resource-import
... and then it gets stuck (forever)
Are you running in Docker, or have some other pseudo-terminal around pulumi? This sometimes happens if I forget the
parameter for Docker/podman.
No, I’m just running directly in a Mac terminal
Pulumi up works ok, just not import for some reason