Hi Pulumi Community, Currently, we are working on...
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Hi Pulumi Community, Currently, we are working on a new Pulumi package for creating and managing *Apache APISIX (https://apisix.apache.org/)* resources. The package will be based on the Terraform provider. Can we collaborate with maybe Dev.Rel team to bring this integration to Pulumi registry (https://www.pulumi.com/registry/)? Do you have step-by-step instructions on how to register the package there?
Hi there! Yes! Iā€™m on the DA team and can put you in touch with someone.
(Asking now, back soon as I can with an update.)
Someone should be contacting ya ā€” if not, please let me know!
Hi @miniature-musician-31262, Thank you for your immediate response! Yes, someone has already replied by emailšŸ™‚ but it would be nice if we can talk to people here. Once the integration is ready, probably, we need your support to mention and share our content with the Pulumi communityšŸ™‚