Is it possible to directly zip deploy a package to...
# azure
Is it possible to directly zip deploy a package to an App Service/ Azure Function without having to use an external package stored in a blob? I have seen this issue in the classic provider that has been closed, but I was wondering if the azure native provider supports that. I guess I could write some custom C# code to directly call the zipdeploy endpoint in an Apply method but it was buil-in Pulumi I think it would be better.
I use GitHub actions to build / test / scan for vulnerabilities / publish / deploy to a Pulumi-managed App Service:
In fact I am looking to deploy my application using Pulumi as part of the pulumi deployment so without using a GitHub action, an Azure DevOps task or a Azure CLI command.
@tall-librarian-49374 you commented on the issue I mentioned, would you happen to know if it's possible?
I don’t think it’s directly possible from
. You’d need a custom resource to upload a zip via data API.
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