Hey y'all, I am creating a bunch of resources thro...
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Hey y'all, I am creating a bunch of resources through a kubernetes helm chart with pulumi but for some reason it created them the first time but on subsequent runs it wants to create the resources again (these come from the cert manager and rancher helm charts). Is there a way to mark them as created? I tried refresh but it still wants to create them on subsequent
pulumi up
These are the resources. I confirmed they already exists.
Do the resources show in
pulumi stack
immediately after you run
pulumi up
I just ran it, yes they show there
well, I seem to have tracked this to only service accounts
seems k3s is not giving pulumi info about the creation so it takes them as missing
I have to run refresh
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* resource XXX, but the Kubernetes API server reported that it failed to fully initialize or become live: Timeout occurred polling for 'XXX'
Can you file an issue for this in pulumi-kubernetes with a minimal program to reproduce? This sounds like a bug, or at least some missing documentation.
Hey @brief-jelly-98203, did you resolve this issue by any chance?