I’m trying to do something similar to <this exampl...
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I’m trying to do something similar to this example, which illustrates how to use the Azure SDK to fetch data that can’t be queried through the Pulumi resource model. When I unit test my code, I can intercept the
call, as that is a provider function on the azure-native provider. That is, it can be handled in the
function as defined in the unit testing documentation. The code I have for calling the Azure SDK is in an ApplyT. Is it possible to intercept this as well, and specify the return value in a similar way as with the provider functions, or will I have to handle this by creating an interface I can mock?
Are you testing component resources? The preferred solution here is to not test the Azure SDK: it's already tested by Microsoft. If you have the calls to the SDK outside your component resources, and pass the resulting objects / values into the component resources' constructors, then this problem goes away.
Bringing a functional approach to components makes testing a lot easier.
Thanks for the feedback, @little-cartoon-10569. This was indeed the right way to go
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