Hi, I'm trying to create RKE cluster to instances ...
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Hi, I'm trying to create RKE cluster to instances in Oracle Cloud, but because the RKE provider is too old it doesn't work for ARM cluster I have. I'm trying to run RKE CLI manually, using Jinja2 templating to create the cluster configuration YAML - the problem is that I just cannot get the IP addresses of the instances to the YAML as I get this when trying to render the template:
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- address: Calling __str__ on an Output[T] is not supported.
    To get the value of an Output[T] as an Output[str] consider:
    1. o.apply(lambda v: f"prefix{v}suffix")
    See <https://pulumi.io/help/outputs> for more details.
    This function may throw in a future version of Pulumi.
This is what I've tried to do:
vm1_public_ip_str = vm1.public_ip.apply(lambda public_ip: f"{public_ip}")
And this is how the cluster YAML should be generated:
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output = cluster_template.render(
What to try next? Thanks in advance for the help!
Are you saying pulumi-rke is too old? (I submitted an issue to upgrade the provider, but it's not super behind - just a few bug fix releases.)
I think 1.3.15 is the newest RKE release and the newest Terraform RKE provider is 1.3.3 and I cannot get some of the components to start because the image is not ARM compatible.
We had some misconfiguration and did not automatically generate an issue to upgrade the RKE provider. I've added the missing issue here. You may want to subscribe to it: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-rke/issues/34
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