I'm trying to write a Resource Validation Policy f...
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I'm trying to write a Resource Validation Policy for a bunch of Artifactory repositories (https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/artifactory/api-docs/) Many repository types have a boolean property that I'd like to ensure is always
whenever I create one of these repositories (in particular, the
property: https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/artifactory/api-docs/localgenericrepository/#xray_index_python). I know that I can explicitly check the type of the resource first and then see if the property is set:
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if args.resource_type in ["artifactory:index/localGenericRepository:LocalGenericRepository", ...]:
  if not args.props.get("xrayIndex"):
However, I was wondering if it would instead be possible to just see if the resource had an
property (without listing out all the resource types explicitly). However, it only appears that I have access to whatever properties happen to have been set on the concrete resource. Since this particular boolean property defaults to
, this makes any resources that are in violation "invisible" to this kind of checking logic. Is there any way in a policy to see all the possible properties a resource could have, rather than just the ones that have been set on any given instance? After typing this out, I think I may end up sticking with the more explicit approach, but now I'm curious 😅