I’m having some issues with awsx.ecs.FargateTaskDe...
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I’m having some issues with awsx.ecs.FargateTaskDefinition in python. 1. pulumi creates a log group but doesn’t actually use that group. I end up having to manually pass a log_configuration to FargateTaskDefinition, which results in a second log group (the first with pulumi’s auto-naming doesn’t get used). 2. I have to pass a policy to execution_role in FargateTaskDefinition to allow CreateLogGroup, CreateLogStream, and PutLogEvents Not sure if these are related or if they are issues on my end
If I don’t do those steps, I get this error: ResourceInitializationError: failed to validate logger args: create stream has been retried 7 times: failed to create Cloudwatch log stream: RequestError: send request failed caused by: Post https://logs.undefined.amazonaws.com/: dial tcp: lookup logs.undefined.amazonaws.com on no such host : exit status 1
This sounds like a bug in AWSX. Can you file a GH issue?
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Actually, it looks like it’s already resolved. I reinitialized my pulumi project (in the process of trying to make the bug reproducible) and it went away!!
I think it had something to do with not defining my region