Hi folks, can I use the pulumi-cloudflare SDK with...
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Hi folks, can I use the pulumi-cloudflare SDK without using pulumi CLI? I.e.. can I call the SDK functions directly from app code?
You can’t use our SDKs without our engine. If you look at our Architecture, our SDKs which run in the language host, talk to the engine to signal which resources need to be there. It is our engine which calculates if the resource was already created in a previous run or not. When not yet created, the engine talks to the providers to really create the resource(s). More on how these parts work together can be found in my blog article of last week. Still, that doesn’t prevent you from using Pulumi from our own app code. You can embed our Automation API inside your app, combined with an inline program. See the
Inline Program
examples here: https://github.com/pulumi/automation-api-examples
Thanks. Super helpful Ringo!