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09/28/2022, 1:35 PM
hi, I'm a complete pulumi noob. my initial goal is to create just a vpc using a specific aws profile from my aws credentials file. I have so far: - created a new directory - run 'pulumi new' , and chosen aws-python - taken the following code from the 'setting up a new vpc' part of the pulumi getting started section of their website: import pulumi import pulumi_awsx as awsx vpc = awsx.ec2.Vpc("custom") pulumi.export("vpcId", vpc.vpc_id) pulumi.export("publicSubnetIds", vpc.public_subnet_ids) pulumi.export("privateSubnetIds", vpc.private_subnet_ids) - replaced the default code in the '' file with the above code - added the following line to Pulumi.<stackname>.yaml: awsprofile dev-account When I try to run: 'pulumi up' I'm getting the error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pulumi_awsx' I then executed: 'pip install pulumi_awsx' This installed the module. When I tried to run 'pulumi up' again I experienced the same error What am I missing? (doing this on a windows machine btw)