hello dotnet-pulumiers! has anyone experienced th...
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hello dotnet-pulumiers! has anyone experienced the following: you build the pulumi program in your IDE, no problems - but when you run pulumi up, lots of compile errors? I’ve got this situation now on a Mac, which doesn’t happen on Windows with the exact same branch. In this case I’m using “preview” features of the C# language (string interpolation - finally), and the error messages do relate directly with the use of the new string interpolation features. So on Mac, is the pulumi compilation of the code not making use of the .csproj file definitions that guide the use of “preview” language features? Does anyone know how I could influence/tell pulumi to use the preview version of the C# language? Thank you!
Maybe try these commands on both environments:
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dotnet --list-sdks
dotnet --list-runtimes
dotnet --version
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Yep - exactly the problem. Now I just need to work out how I install dotnet > 6.0.200 via brew on Mac. I uninstalled the standard “dotnet”, which was at 6.0.1x and installed the 7.0.0-rc1 version via a cask. It escapes me how I’m supposed to install dotnet v6.0.400 via brew though… Thanks for your tip - that led me to look at the docs w/resp to min version of dotnet required for the features I’m using and your commands then helped me see that Mac doesn’t have the right version).
I just didn’t bother with brew. installed pkg via m/soft website. job done.
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If you put a global.json file in with the Pulumi code you can specify which runtime to use. Helpful when you've got more than on installed... Expecially RC's