hi! (I searched history but haven't found anythin...
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hi! (I searched history but haven't found anything related to my question.) When I run
pulumi up
, I see the plan is to create a new EC2 instance. I would like to know why pulumi thinks this is necessary. I've tried generating varying levels of logs with the
parameter but I haven't found anything that clues me in to the reason(s) why. Is there a way to explicitly determine why a re-create of a resource is deemed necessary?
you should see it in the diff, can you screenshot what you’re seeing?
you can see here that a new instance is created and the previous deleted, but no indications as to why. The target group attachments change of course due to the new instance
if you expand the diff what does it tell you?
the reason it’s replacing is because you changed the name of the resource
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+ dash-purple-server
- purple-dash-server
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oh good grief! that was staring me right in the face! 🤦‍♂️ thank you for that!