Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on Pulumi proj...
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Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on Pulumi project/stack design from those more experienced with it than I. I'm trying to figure out how tightly-coupled different stacks that reference each other via outputs and stack references are. As far as I understand, such references would create a tight dependency between the stack that produces a value and the stack that consumes the value. If the output value changed on the producing side (perhaps it was a computed value or something), then that would immediately invalidate the consuming side's value such that the next time that consuming stack is deployed (
pulumi up
) it will use the new value, correct? If that's true, then is there some way to take advantage of outputs and stack references that still allows for a looser coupling? My goal is to strongly limit the blast radius of stack changes. I'd like to be that if we change one stack, that those changes don't automatically ripple to many others. What's the best practice here?