Hello all, looked at Pulumi for some time now. Loo...
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Hello all, looked at Pulumi for some time now. Looking at it from remote runner perspective and new language adoption. Did you ever consider leveraging WebAssembly (WASM) with or without System interface (WASI)? For example to sandbox an executed code and to expand quickly to all languages that compile to WASM. Got an inspiration from Kubewarden (policy as code) and Envoy proxy (wasm filters)
We've considered it, but not deeply looked into it yet. We certainly think it's a very interesting prospect, given that all we need from a pulumi program is a grpc interface WASI sounds like it should fit. The biggest issue with most language adoption is building appropriate SDKs rather than setting up the runtime environment, so while it's interesting we don't think it would gain us that much. A slightly different tack where we think WASM might be more interesting is for packaging providers and components, so that you could write a python provider/component and package it to WASM so that users don't have to have a python runtime to use it.
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