Hi Team, Need some suggestions. We deploy infrastr...
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Hi Team, Need some suggestions. We deploy infrastructure for users of our azure data platform. As part of infrastructure, we also create azure data factories. The users are responsible for creating their own adf data pipelines. The issue I am facing is that if we have to do redeployment of the adf then the global parameters which the users have deployed are removed. How can I fetch the latest global parameters if any, in the pulumi code.
When are the global params created? Before the stack is deployed, or after? What's the scope of the global params? Do they apply to a single stack, or should they apply to multiple stacks?
If these are params that should be shared among many stacks and even separate Pulumi programs, place them in a shared place (subscription, account, project, depending on your cloud of choice), using your cloud provider's secrets/parameter store, usually in the same space where your deployment pipeline lives.
To make it clear, we just provide infrastructure for teams including an adf. A separate stack is created for each team. At the time of creation of stack there are no adf global parameters. Each team then created their own adf pipelines (in their own devops project). During this time, they deploy global parameters (they don't use pulumi). Afterwards if we need to update the infrastructure our pulumi program doesn't have these global params. And any redeployment deletes them, so teams need to a redeployment. Is there a way to handle this. Pulumi refresh gets the latest parameters into the stack but our pulumi code of course doesn't have this and deletes them again. We are using azure native datafactory python package.