When trying to create Fargate task definition from...
# aws
When trying to create Fargate task definition from awsx example I am getting:
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aws:ecs:TaskDefinition (app-svc):
    error: 1 error occurred:
    	* failed creating ECS Task Definition (app-svc-ba5d8020): ClientException: Log driver awslogs requires options: awslogs-region
Using your code, with a few minor exceptions, produces a successful deployment for me.
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const cluster = new awsx.ecs.Cluster("cluster");
const appService = new awsx.ecs.FargateService("app-svc", {
    cluster: cluster,
    taskDefinitionArgs: {
        container: {
            image: "nginx",
            cpu: 102 /*10% of 1024*/,
            memory: 5000 /*MB*/,
            portMappings: [{
                hostPort: 80,
                containerPort: 80,
                protocol: "tcp"
    desiredCount: 1,
What version of
are you using?
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cat package-lock.json| grep awsx
                "@pulumi/awsx": "^0.40.0",
        "node_modules/@pulumi/awsx": {
            "resolved": "<https://registry.npmjs.org/@pulumi/awsx/-/awsx-0.40.0.tgz>",
        "@pulumi/awsx": {
            "resolved": "<https://registry.npmjs.org/@pulumi/awsx/-/awsx-0.40.0.tgz>",
My listener needs different port:
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const listener = new awsx.lb.NetworkLoadBalancer('lb')
  .createTargetGroup('group', { port: 8888, protocol: 'TCP' })
  .createListener('listener', {
    port: 80,
    protocol: 'TCP',
In your example I dont think nginx will be reachable?