nyone can help me... just start change from terraf...
# google-cloud
nyone can help me... just start change from terraform to pulumi and when i did the start tutorial for gcp i got the error... I already tryed check the gcloud auths...install the gcloud inside the env and check bill permissions, but noting looks solve it
Intersting - I have not seen that one before. Definitely something related to what credentials are being picked up. You can try adding this to your code - which should print out the project and associated billing account so you can confirm if they are what you expect?
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const proj = gcp.organizations.getProject(undefined, { async: true });
const billingAccount = proj.then(p => 
    gcp.organizations.getBillingAccount({billingAccount: p.billingAccount}, { async: true })
im trying the python version of the tutorial code. this code are in JS? there are any way to use that on the include,bins or libs of the code?
I dont know why...just that storage bucket return that problem. i just make it work for Computer Engine and K8s. thats for the help, since i dont use that bucket its not priority
Oh - that is even more surprising - but does sound like some sort of issue related to the configuration of the project/billingaccount you are working with in GCP. Great to hear you are unblocked for now!