anyone with an example of looking up the default n...
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anyone with an example of looking up the default network for a project ?
hey Jacob, not sure. Im trying to a project's vpc to use elsewhere
hopefully someone with more experience can help. I think when you create the first VPC you can reference it using the variable... but if it's not created in Pulumi I wonder how you can get that information 🤔 it looks like there are some differences between the API and some options available on Cloud Console: maybe another idea is to delete the auto-created network:
gcp.organizations.Project ~> autoCreateNetwork: false
it will temporarily create a network then delete it right after the project is created...
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import * as gcp from "@pulumi/gcp";

const peeringNetwork = new gcp.compute.Network("peeringNetwork", {});
const privateIpAlloc = new gcp.compute.GlobalAddress("privateIpAlloc", {
     addressType: "INTERNAL",
     network: peeringNetwork.selfLink,
     prefixLength: 16,
     purpose: "VPC_PEERING",
const foobar = new gcp.servicenetworking.Connection("foobar", {
     network: peeringNetwork.selfLink,
     reservedPeeringRanges: [],
     service: "<|>",
g should work for you using “default” as the name to lookup.
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Thank you @mammoth-elephant-55302 & @gentle-diamond-70147 I was making it more difficult than necessary - this simplified it a bunch :D
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