oh. having the same issue with `gcp.cloudrun.Domai...
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oh. having the same issue with
no changes. yet it tries to do an update. which fails. because gcp.cloudrun.DomainMapping doesn’t support changes… . tried already ignoreChanges and adding deleteBeforeReplace. (adding all properties) but that didn’t seem to work.
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const domainMapping = new gcp.cloudrun.DomainMapping(
      location: region,
      name: `${dnsName}`,
      metadata: {
        namespace: project,
      spec: {
        routeName: service.name,
currently the only work around i found is to comment out the resource (and its dependencies). deploy (forcing its destruction). and then comment it in. and deploy again. ok. weird. can’t reproduce it at the moment anymore. not sure what i changed.