Hi there! I need to activate about 30+ different S...
# google-cloud
Hi there! I need to activate about 30+ different Service APIs for GCP. and I created an array with all of them and then a for loop going through the array, but I am getting this error for some of them:
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gcp:projects:Service (<http://file.googleapis.com|file.googleapis.com>):
    error: pre-step event returned an error: failed to save snapshot: An IO error occurred during the current operation: blob (key ".pulumi/stacks/infra-staging.json") (code=Unknown): googleapi: Error 429: The rate of change requests to the object onec-pulumi-ops-staging/.pulumi/stacks/infra-staging.json exceeds the rate limit. Please reduce the rate of create, update, and delete requests., rateLimitExceeded
I believe you could introduce a wait/sleep in your loop to slow down the execution. Or tell Pulumi to not run in parallel with:
-p, --parallel int                 Allow P resource operations to run in parallel at once (1 for no parallelism). Defaults to unbounded. (default 2147483647)