So i'm putting this into the channel here instead ...
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So i'm putting this into the channel here instead of the thread, because it seems to be a big enough problem that we need some help from the Pulumi devs - it seems there's a problem deploying new revisions of Cloud Run services This issue from the terraform provider appears to be closed, and we appear to be using the version of the provider that has this fix in it: However, we're still having issues getting 409 conflicts when deploying new revisions of Cloud Run services, even when using
. Can we please get a Pulumi dev to help or weigh in? I'd be glad to get on a video chat and demo the trouble that I'm having
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I'm bumping this post because there's still no traction on this. Again, I'm glad to assist in any way I can. There is also a GitHub issue open for this: Pulumi devs, can you please help? 🙏
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Hi, we haven’t yet had a chance to take a close look but I’ve brought awareness to the team on this 🙂
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@future-barista-68134 thank you!
Yeah thanks a lot, it is also a problem for us
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It's also a problem for us.
We’re taking a closer look… can you follow instructions in the comment below to help diagnose this: Thank you for your patience on this 🙂
@future-barista-68134 I'm having trouble reproducing it now! 😩 The plight of the technologist - the tech works when you need it not to 😅
if it happens again, I'll get you detailed logs from
pulumi refresh
@hallowed-rain-9096 well I’m happy it’s not blocking you at least! And yes, that would be very helpful, thanks 🙂 Anyone else on this thread, if you can reproduce, please share on the github issue above.