Hi There! I'm trying to configure continuous deplo...
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Hi There! I'm trying to configure continuous deployment with one GCP project per stack, deployed via Github Actions. I'm finding it bit of a pickle trying to figure out where I should store Service Account credentials, and where to configure the logic to switch between them depending on the project. Does anyone know of any examples or literature on this subject?
@curved-ghost-20494 did you manage to?
No, there's a step missing in the Pulumi Actions docker image to authenticate GCP with docker
It was fixed in this PR
but hasn't been released yet:
If you want to use any part of GCP that utilises docker images AND Github Actions as your CI, (and pulumi), you're stuck
I have no problem with github actions, I am not using them
However I can’t create one gcp project per stack automatically from pulumi, because the python provider doesn’t seem to include a method for that
am I wrong?
as far as I know you have to create the projects before setting up pulumi stacks that map to them
pulumi new gcp-python
on CL requires project name as an input no?
sorry, I meant that in CI/CD pipeline I want to create ephemeral gcp rpojects
Ah for testing PR apps sort of thing?
Not entirely sure you can do that
you can with Terraform.. so there should be a pulumi method
@curved-ghost-20494 I can share with you some of the things I am doing now
I have found out, although I still have some questions