For some weird reason i cannot get gcp authenticat...
# google-cloud
For some weird reason i cannot get gcp authentication to work in a multi project using stack references on github actions.
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error: configured Kubernetes cluster is unreachable: unable to load schema information from the API server: Get "<>": error executing access token command "gcloud config config-helper --format=json": err=exit status 1 output= stderr=WARNING: Could not open the configuration file: [/home/runner/.config/gcloud/configurations/config_default].
ERROR: (gcloud.config.config-helper) You do not currently have an active account selected.
Please run:

  $ gcloud auth login

to obtain new credentials.

If you have already logged in with a different account:

    $ gcloud config set account ACCOUNT

to select an already authenticated account to use.
The GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS secret is loaded in the envs. It used to work in a different repo, only difference is that this “project” does not include the gcp library since we get the kubeconfig from a different project/stack. (trying that now but i have to convince typescript to allow unused imports)
Locally it works but there i’m logged in manually
Ok, I have some idea what this might be.
Your kube credentials file has a reference to a helper call-out for the credential rather than the credential itself. The helper is in fact gcloud.
Unfortunately I don’t have an example snippet to show you, but I think if you poke around inside the kube credential file you’ll see what I mean.
I think i just figured it out, i’m not running the docker action but the action to just install pulumi and run the commands from there.
I just found this piece that that the other action does extra:
would have saved me a day of waiting on GHA if i would have just checked it out fromt the start
I’m actually generating the kubeconfig differently I’m issuing an OAuth token to google and use it in my kubeconfig instead of using the gcloud helper command