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03/03/2021, 8:04 AM
Hi, anyone that has a good example of how to get the url of a cloud run service as input to another resource? I just don't get it. Previously it was a simple
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pushEndpoint: myCloudRunService.status.url
But now there is a 'statuses' property instead. I've tried something like below but that doesn't work 😔
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pushEndpoint: myCloudRunService.statuses.get().pop()!.url


 pushEndpoint: myCloudRunService.statuses.apply( 
                statuses => {
                    let hostname = statuses.pop()!.url;
                    return hostname;
Super grateful for any help on this one.
my bad, the stack was created before upgrading pulumi and gcp provider versions. Recreating the stack resolved the issue. 🙈
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