I have a GKE cluster setup using ``` const eng...
# google-cloud
I have a GKE cluster setup using
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const engineVersion = gcp.container.getEngineVersions().then((v) => v.latestMasterVersion);
and then
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minMasterVersion: engineVersion,
        nodeVersion: engineVersion,
but the order of upgrading seems wrong as it starts to complain now about
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* googleapi: Error 400: Node version "1.19.8-gke.1600" must not have a greater minor version than master version "1.18.16-gke.502"., badRequest
How should I manage that?
I don't know why this is happening with a "default" node pool, but I think the best way to move forward is to remove the default node pool and use a NodePool(version=engineVersion) class instead.
or use Release Channel . We were doing versions in our code had a lot of hassle . Now using release channel we have
in Staging and
in production . Upgrade best practice