Tried changing the set of domains on a `gcp.comput...
# google-cloud
Tried changing the set of domains on a
. Got some kind of dependency error on `pulumi up`:
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error: deleting urn:pulumi:staging::REDACTED::gcp:compute/managedSslCertificate:ManagedSslCertificate::app: 1 error occurred:
	* Error when reading or editing ManagedSslCertificate: googleapi: Error 400: The ssl_certificate resource 'projects/REDACTED/global/sslCertificates/app-22f6675' is already being used by 'projects/REDACTED/global/targetHttpsProxies/app-b28855a', resourceInUseByAnotherResource
I'm stuck and not sure how to get unstuck. (I tried doing
pulumi up -r
, same result.)
Ok, I think the answer might just be to not use Pulumi for
. The Google provisioning process is not something Pulumi understands. It's sort of unfortunate that Pulumi even tries to handle it, because now my stack is in a weird state.