08/04/2021, 6:17 PM
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➜  pulumi  pulumi plugin install resource gcp v5.14.0
[resource plugin gcp-5.14.0] installing
Downloading plugin: 35.89 MiB / 37.52 MiB [=======================>-]  95.67% 1s
error: installing [resource plugin gcp-5.14.0] from : untarring file /Users/austin/.pulumi/plugins/resource-gcp-v5.14.0/pulumi-resource-gcp: write /Users/austin/.pulumi/plugins/resource-gcp-v5.14.0/pulumi-resource-gcp: file too large
I'm not out of disk space or anything, fwiw
i tried to untar the download manually but i get
Unrecognized archive format
-- anybody able to tell me the expected tar flags?
i had a bad ulimit set. beware!