Hi All, I'm deploying code to AppEngine as follow...
# google-cloud
Hi All, I'm deploying code to AppEngine as follows:
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const appEngineWww = new gcp.appengine.StandardAppVersion("appengine-www", {
  versionId: pulumi.interpolate`v${wwwCurrentVersion}`,
  service: "www",
  deleteServiceOnDestroy: false,
  runtime: "go115",
  deployment: {
    zip: {
      sourceUrl: pulumi.interpolate`<https://storage.googleapis.com/${bucketDeploys.name}/www/latest.zip>`,
  envVariables: {
    DEPLOY_TIME: deployTime
  automaticScaling: {
    maxConcurrentRequests: 10,
    minIdleInstances: 0,
    maxIdleInstances: 3,
    minPendingLatency: "1s",
    maxPendingLatency: "5s",
    standardSchedulerSettings: {
      targetCpuUtilization: 0.5,
      targetThroughputUtilization: 0.75,
      minInstances: 0,
      maxInstances: 10,
This works, however I have to manually migrate traffic to this new version. Is there a way to have pulumi automatically migrate traffic to the new AppEngine version?
Haven’t used pulumi with AppEngine, but for Cloud Run it does migrate traffic automatically for new versions.