# google-cloud


09/16/2021, 9:29 AM
Hi, I would like to ask you for advice on what I am doing wrong. I would like to create bigquery tables in google cloud via pulumi. The creation is fine, but even though I don't change anything, pulumi evaluates the schema change and tries to update the table, but it always ends up with an error:
googleapi: Error 409: Already Exists: Table PROJECT:pulumi_test.pulumi_test, duplicate
Can you think of anything I could be doing wrong? I'm creating the table this way:
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const dataset = new gcp.bigquery.Dataset('pulumi_test', {
	datasetId: 'pulumi_test',
	friendlyName: 'pulumi_test',
	location: 'EU',
	defaultTableExpirationMs: 3600000,
	labels: {
		env: 'default',

cont table = new gcp.bigquery.Table(tableName, {
	datasetId: dataset.datasetId,
	tableId: 'pulumi_test',
	deletionProtection: false,
	timePartitioning: {
		type: 'DAY',
	labels: {
		env: 'default',
	schema: '[{"name":"test","type":"STRING","mode":"NULLABLE","description":""}]',
Thank you very much for any advice.