Hi guys, has anyone used pulumi for managing redir...
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Hi guys, has anyone used pulumi for managing redirect uris in "APIs and services" in the google cloud console (Credentials blade) .. Specifically I need help around managing redirect uris for my Oauth 2.0 client ids any pointers would be very helpful.
I’m afraid this part cannot be managed using any API 😞. This issues is common for both terraform and pulumi due to the missing part on the GCP part. Let me find an issue to confirm that.
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Only internal org clients can be created via declarative tools. External clients must be manually created via the GCP console. This restriction is due to the existing APIs and not lack of support in this tool.
If this comment is still up-to-date, managing IAP is very limited and it won’t allow you to configure redirect URIs. I was able to automate everything I needed on GCP except that part. My OAuth client configs for internal grafana services were done manually 😐.
Ah ok .. Yeah i had seen these articles but I was really hoping for some good news here ..thanks for your detailed responses @prehistoric-activity-61023
Actually for me, I do not want to create a new client .. i just want to add more redirect URis for an existing client (for what its worth)
FYI - for those stumble across this, here is the response I got from Pulumi support on this topic:
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After researching for a good part of today, this feature doesn't seem to be supported yet. 
 Currently, the GCP provider we have is based on the Terraform Google Beta provider. The reason why Pulumi doesn't seem to support this is because it' currently not implemented in the Terraform Google Beta provider.
A possible alternative would be to use the GCP sdk for NodeJS and use their API to manually create and manage these specific resources.
Wow, I’m surprised with such a detailed answer from Pulumi support (great job guys!).
If I manage to find some free time, I’ll see what we can do to add this feature. It would benefit myself as well cause it’s the only missing part on my GCP projects that’s not fully automated 😄.
Absolutely! +1