<@U0288KYUB7C> just continuing off the last thread...
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@prehistoric-activity-61023 just continuing off the last thread - I am, too, having issues with first activating/enabling services using the python automation SDK
I haven’t used automation SDK yet but (assuming it’s similar to “standard pulumi”), make sure that you explicitly add
attribute to dependent resources (this dependency cannot be discovered implicitly by pulumi).
That’s the first thing I can advice without knowing any more details about your case.
I am able to successfully enable required APIs and create a VPC in a freshly created GCP project so it’s doable 🙂. Unless, you’ve got some corner-case situation as Alex above.
Provide some more info what you’re trying to do and I’ll try to get back to it later.
@prehistoric-activity-61023 what did you make it "depends_on"?
@prehistoric-activity-61023 on an initial run of an inline pulumi program, I get this error when trying to enable/activate services
can you paste the snippets how you: • create the given Secret in secretmanager • activate the secretmanager API?
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# activate Google API
	secret_manager_api = gcp.projects.Service(


	# create Secret
	secret = gcp.secretmanager.Secret(
=>	    depends_on=[secret_manager_api]
you should create something more or less like the above
@prehistoric-activity-61023 hey thanks for the above, had to work on another project but back on this again