Hi, I’m working with pulumi to create external HTT...
# google-cloud
Hi, I’m working with pulumi to create external HTTP(S) load balancers in GCP using the classic provider I’m having trouble with enabling IAP to protect to a backend service Using the GCP console all you need to do is toggle the name of the backend service from the identity-aware proxy window and all things are taken care of (creating of OAuth token, adding the necessary redirect URI and connecting the backend service to that OAuth token) I’m not quite understand how to enable it in pulumi  In backendService pulumi resource i have iap parameter consist of oauth2_client_id  and  oauth2_client_secret  But When I assign value to this parameters and run pulumi up it seems it does not really create the OAuth token and the redirect URI How can I create them? And can it be automatically similar to the GCP console process?