Hello, I have a eks cluster with helm charts creat...
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Hello, I have a eks cluster with helm charts creating statefulsets. I need help in 2 things regarding aws tags: 1. How can I add aws tags for resources creating by pulumi? This also includes ebs volumes created by pulumi. 2. Also, is there any way to add aws tags for statefulsets? Stateful sets are managed by us. When I add tags to eks.Cluster. I can see it adding to only ec2.
cc @breezy-hamburger-69619
For 1) here’s an example of all the resources that can be tagged in AWS: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-eks/blob/master/nodejs/eks/examples/tags/index.ts For 2) IIUC, you want to tag a SS with AWS tags? k8s resources don’t support traditional AWS tagging. You’d have to add that in as labels or annotations on the SS
@breezy-hamburger-69619 Thanks for 1). will check it out. Regarding 2), it is really not K8 resource. it is aws eb2 volume created by statefulset. I don't a see a way to add tag the volume. Do you see anyway? I am trying to understand the cost metrics for a stack that is spinning up mainly ec2, ebs, loadbalancers. I was able to add loadbalancer tags but not ebs.