We've setup our kubernetes cluster following the s...
# kubernetes
We've setup our kubernetes cluster following the standard pulumi-kubernetes tutorial, which use
_const_ engineVersion = gcp.container.getEngineVersions().latestMasterVersion
to get the engineVersion. Now we need to add a node pool, but because the
has increased, the
pulumi preview
suggests that the cluster need to be updated because the
has increased. Couple of questions here - (i) will pulumi be able to do this without deleting and then re-creating the cluster (ii) in general, is there any way we can know ahead of time whether or not pulumi will destroy and recreate the cluster, versus just updating it in some way?
1. GKE clusters should update in place when you change the version. 2. The preview will show
if it expects to recreate a resource.
means that it should happen in place.
Perfect, thank you.