Hello, we are using ConfigGroup with namespace tr...
# kubernetes
Hello, we are using ConfigGroup with namespace transformation. When we try
pulumi preview
, we will see previous namespace in name. It's bug or wanted behavior? Situation:
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export function initPrometheusService(namespace: string) {
    new k8s.yaml.ConfigGroup(
            files: [
                join(getPath(), "tinky-winky.yaml"),
                join(getPath(), "dipsy.yaml"),
                join(getPath(), "laa-laa.yaml"),
                join(getPath(), "po.yaml")
            parent: aks,
            transformations: [
                (obj: any) => {
                    const metadata = obj.props?.metadata;
                    if (!metadata) {
                    metadata.namespace = "evils";
                    return obj;
When previous namespace is telletubies and I want new namespace as evils. I will see name, which namespace as before transformation, (telletubies/RESOURCE_NAME) in preview (or pulumi up - preview part).
I would expect you to see something along these lines during preview
It may be a problem with your transformation. I’m not sure
is correct; I’d expect it to be
Note that instead of changing the namespace with a transformation, you can set a default namespace on a Provider, and any resources using that Provider will use that namespace if one is not already set.
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const provider = new k8s.Provider("bar", {namespace: "bar"});

new k8s.yaml.ConfigFile("test",
    {file: "secret.yaml"},
@gorgeous-egg-16927 I see create BEFORE_TRANSFORMATION_NS/secret name during preview. After
pulumi up
in kubectl is used correct (after transformation) namespace. I tried add console.log in transformation function and it shown log info correctly. Provider default namespace is not right way for us.