hi community! i have a question about using pulumi...
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hi community! i have a question about using pulumi config secrets as k8s secrets. if i create a pulumi config secret and i want to use that as a k8s secret (in python via):
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secret_key = Secret(
    data={"secret-key": config.require_secret("mySecretKey")}
i see that it doesnt base64 encode the value when i run
pulumi up
and look at the resource manually via
kubectl get secret -oyaml my-secret-key-<hash>
. is this intentional? or am i doing something wrong? my current workaround is to base64 encode the secret before running
pulumi config set --secret mySecret <value>
You can use the
field instead of
, and k8s will automatically base64 encode it
ah! that did it thanks
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