Hello! Yesterday I was trying to import some resou...
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Hello! Yesterday I was trying to import some resources from my k8s clusters (Service Account, ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding) but I ran into some issues, where the import command could not find the resource definitions (
of the ClusterRole and
of the ClusterRoleBinding), so it failed to import. I could workaround the issue by exporting and importing the resources with
. The only difference I noticed it that now the resource had the
annotation. Is it the expected behavior? It seems odd to me to depend on an specific tool annotation for doing the import? (I understand that is an official tool, but it does not mean it is the only tool that creates resources in the cluster). I see that the support for this annotation was added on version `0.25.1`: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#0251-july-2-2019 Maybe the issue is in the logic of "parsing the live inputs"? https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/blob/9ea9de0398c48c79abb9ce68004a8a551b98ad7e/pkg/provider/provider.go#L2237 @microscopic-florist-22719 @white-balloon-205 @gentle-diamond-70147
Can you open an issue with more details on reproducing the problem? We use that annotation to track the desired state of resources (compatible with `kubectl`’s usage of the same annotation), but it shouldn’t be required for an import to work.
Sure. I'll reproduce it in a simpler manner and open the issue 🙂
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