im curious if anyone else has seen this aside from...
# kubernetes
im curious if anyone else has seen this aside from me. i’m trying to use a remote yaml in a resource using the python sdk
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from pulumi_kubernetes.yaml import ConfigFile

cert_manager_resources = ConfigFile('cert-manager',
but when i run
pulumi preview
i get an exception:
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Exception: Exception deserializing response!
i wanted to double-check that the cert-manager guys are putting out valid yaml, and when i put it in a site like it’s actually not valid
this is curious to me since i’ve seen several posts of other users using the typescript sdk for setting up
without issue…
but the yaml is invalid…?
although i do see they specify
kubectl apply --validate=false <>
on their website
It looks like you’re hitting I merged the fix for that yesterday, and will be cutting a new release today. If you want to test out the fix in the meantime, should work
ohhh nice. i was searching the GH issues for open ones only
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oh nice. i confirmed that the link before worked
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