Hello folks ! I need to verify TLS certs in my po...
# kubernetes
Hello folks ! I need to verify TLS certs in my pods and for that I mount a large file downloaded from https://support.globalsign.com/ca-certificates/root-certificates/globalsign-root-certificates and added as ConfigMap to
. When I want to automated with pulumi like so
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const cacertificates = new k8s.yaml.ConfigFile("ca-certificates", {
        file: "ca-certificates.yaml",
While ca-certificates.yaml is larg file about 271 KB containing
GlobalSign Root CA
. It works only if I use
kubectl create
. Reding about related issues like in here https://github.com/argoproj/argo-cd/issues/820 . It seems like Pulumi is also using
kubectl apply
to manage resources which leads to failure in my case.
resource default/ca-certificates was not successfully created by the Kubernetes API server : ConfigMap "ca-certificates" is invalid: metadata.annotations: Too long: must have at most 262144 characters
. Any hints/workaround this problem ? Appreciated : )