Hi, Trying to better understand customTimeouts on ...
# kubernetes
Hi, Trying to better understand customTimeouts on the resource. I have set 2 min on the timeout on creating helm charts. I am observing that a k8 is not able to find resources to assign in k8 and thats fine but main issue is that its taking around 8 min instead of exiting after 2 min. Am I doing something wrong with the timeout? new k8s.helm.v2.Chart("XYZ", { PATH goes here. },{ providers: { "kubernetes": this.cluster.provider },customTimeouts: { create: "2m", delete: "2m", update: "2m", } }
I suspect the annotation ends up applying to the chart but not to the resources created by the chart. You could use
on the chart to attach the customTimeout to each kubernete child resource perhaps? It may be the case that we should automatically apply customTimeouts from a parent to its children - I’m not sure that’s always going to be expected - but at least in this case it feels natural to expect it would be.
Thanks Luke. Will try this out.