Is there a recommended way to refactor the resourc...
# kubernetes
Is there a recommended way to refactor the resource hierarchy when one of the resources that moves is a provider? Specifically, try moving around an
(eg. from top level into a component resource). It’ll work almost, (with
aliases: [{parent: pulumi.rootStackResource}]
), but you can’t move the
configmap, because it can’t find it’s provider (it’s trying to use the new provider that you don’t have yet). I can open a bug if this isn’t tracked yet, I ran into problems with refactoring providers multiple times already. Possibly the problem is that the new provider doesn’t act like a dependency on which you have to wait. Or that the reference to the provider itself isn’t aliased (ie. the alias for the provider isn’t propagated to the dependents so that you could reference the old provider through the new urn).