has anyone here used the pulumi <crosswalk> stacks...
# kubernetes
has anyone here used the pulumi crosswalk stacks Supposed to be production ready, maybe best practice?
I'm curious about anyones thoughts on the them, I'm new to k8s and in dire need of best practice guides 🙂
am actually in the process of trying to setup on azure
Excellent @famous-jelly-72366, I did the same thing and am now working with the AKS cluster
One thing I noticed was that there is an
namespace created in the cluster stack (03) which is not used, then when I attempt to install the NGINX ingress controller in this stack it fails due to the security policy in the app services namespace (appSvcsNamespaceName) (I believe)
question is, should this go into the ingress-nginx namespace (where I eventually put it)?
I haven't gotten to ingress yet, still messing with rbac using AAD
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